Saturday, December 31, 2011


There was a large cage standing against a wall. I was led into it and a leather mask was placed over my head. Then being pushed against the back of the cage and legs kicked apart to spread them wide. I felt some rope being applied over my shoulders and pulled back over my chest, through my crotch and back up again. He made use of the bars in the cage and tied me to them with lots of rope.

My arms where placed on the bars of the cage and tied to them. Because my upper arms where tied to the back of the cage there was not much movement when he was done. My legs got the same treatment. Lots of rope around my legs and the bars of the cage. It felt great to be totally strapped to the cage like this.

The leather mask has no eyeholes so I could only feel what he was doing. I love it to just feel how ropes are being applied. Knowing that some ropes are just being prepared and waiting for some hard pulling to get them very tight. Also great to feel how he loves doing this and loves it to tease while he ties me up. I had a great time but we had chosen a wrong spot to play. A heater sprung on and just outside the cage people got a bit barbecued. I did not notice until he untied me and I stepped out of the cage. Ah, well, the night was still young and many adventures would still follow...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Water, rubber and bondage

This looks great, would love to try it !

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Playing in Gul wetsuit

Playing a bit in a wetsuit. Always great to wear one. This time with neoprene socks and mask. The front of the mask can be zipped up. Great to be in the dark and smelling the neoprene gear while breathing through all the little tiny holes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rubber scene

Don't know what this is but the scene looks really interesting!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tied up in Nefit skate suit

The Power Party is a bdsm club here in Holland. I have met lots of great friends there. It's great that I can show all of my fetish gear there. Hoping to be tied up in it off course. This time I had my Nefit outfit on. Feels great to wear it, very smooth material. With a lycra mask placed over my head it was time to let the games begin.

Rope was tied around my chest and shoulders to create a harness. My arms where then attached to the harness and the rope was pulled tight. I had to cross my arms on my back so he could secure them also. Then I was led to a table. The table was covered in black rubber and felt a bit cold when I was helped to lie down on it. My legs where pulled back and my ankles where tied to each other. Then a rope went from my ankles to the shoulder harness. A firm pull on the rope and a couple of knots later I had become totally helpless.

I was teased when I was trying the tightness of my ropes. Could not struggle to hard on the table because I did not want to fall off. An end of rope was by my hands. So I tried to check what it would do when I pulled on it but all my efforts where useless to get free. Great feeling to be strapped up like this.

The lycra mask lets some light through so a leather mask was added. It was laced up and it felt so great to be blindfolded and being left alone in a dark uncomfortable way. Not really left alone off course. I was being teased, stroked and a little humiliated. Why they were teasing me I felt some rope being pulled through a ring on my mask. My head was being pulled back a little. I felt also rope being pulled through rings on the side of the mask. These ropes where led to the table. So A little later I was not able to turn my head anymore. I love it when they fixate my head also. So with they're teasing and massaging of my hard dick it did not take to long before I shot my load. What a day, thanks guys !

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A horse is a horse of course

The best pony outfit I have seen so far. Would love to see more of it. Anyone know where to find any information about it?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mr Incredible

Old suit from ebay, not the best quality but fun to play with. Just having a bit of fun and making some pictures here.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

TrapperSmith fixated

Great outfit, awesome bondage. Always the same guys who have the most fun! Yes I'm jealous again ;-)

Don't forget to check out his website also.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Upside down army hogtie

I was at a bdsm party with overallbondage. They have a very nice play space. We were very eager to try it out. Overallbondage was really keen to get his ropes out. I could hardly finish my drink or I was directed upstairs to the playroom.

There was a bed that was made from an iron fence. One side was mounted to hinges and the other side stood on the ground. We decided to try that out. I lied down on it, face down. Then he began to tie me to the bed. He used lots of ropes to get me fixated. When my body was fixated he began to tie up my legs. I was put in a hogtie position. He tied my legs down very tight. Just the way I like it! After my legs he tied my hands on my back.  Connected the ropes around my wrists to my feet and pulled them together. It felt very good. I tried to struggle but could not move at all.

I felt him checking the ropes and make some final adjustments. He made sure I had become one with this fence. Then he hoisted one end of the bed up in the air. The bed raised slowly in the air with me on it. It was a great experience. I was hanging upside down in a hogtie position. Not able to move and the ropes now pulling hard on me because of my weight hanging in them. I felt his hands running over my body. Then he worked on my hard cock through the wired frame. Awesome ! Eventually he had to untie me because the wired frame was hurting way to much in my chest. Next time a towel to avoid it but it was so great. Have to do that again !

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