Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tied on the bed

I was visiting The Tying Dutchman. Both dressed from head to toe in black shiny latex. I had my catsuit on. Rubber socks, gloves and a mask with only a mouth hole. My mouth was the only thing not covered in latex. It is always very exciting not able to see and only hear what he is doing. It's great to be ordered to put my rubber gear on and be ready when he returns. So totally blinded I waited for his return. He took his time which made me even more exciting for what had to come.

He came back with more rubber. I had to put my hands in long thick fingerless gloves. They were pulled up to my shoulders. Then I was led to a bed and told to lie on my back. My hands were tied to the sides of the bed with some straps. Then my feet where also tied to the bed. It's a great bondage position. Very exposed and helpless. More straps where added to spread my legs apart and hold them down. I tried out the straps and tried to break free. Not a chance to get even a little bit more room into my tight bondage. All I could do was relax and enjoy what was coming.

I felt his hands over my body. Then a hand over my mouth. He was testing me out a little. When he left the room for a short moment I tried out my bondage again. Still no movement at all. I loved it ! When he came back he lifted my head a little. Then he pulled a layer of rubber over my head. I did not know what it was but breathing was impossible. When I tried to breath I sucked a layer of rubber vacuum and that was it. We know each other very well so I trust him completely. But I was struggling hard to get some air. Now and then he let some air in and then put the rubber back in place to see me squirm.

He gave me a little rest and more air. The zipper of the catsuit was opened and my rubber sheeted cock jumped free. He tied something around the base which made it even harder. I felt his warm lips around it. Then suddenly the rubber over my mask was pulled back. No air, struggling in a tight bondage and a warm mouth covering my whole dick. This was awesome!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, your cock is driving me crazy. It makes me gasp for air like it's already deep in my throat.

    Not sure if I can swallow it like The Tying Dutchmen can, though... ;-D


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